Sangeeth Functions

One of the most talked about pre-wedding events, the Sangeeth, is a celebration of coming together of the two families in the union of their children. Sangeeth Ceremony takes place the eve before the wedding day and is a night filled with music, laughter, dance, food and fun.

The significance of Sangeeth ceremony is to bring fun and joy among both the families of bride and groom with singing, dancing and making fun in bright colours along with good music. Sangeeth ceremony brings is a way to close the distances between the families and get relieved from any stress related to the wedding.

AICA Events, is highly rated sangeeth ceremony event manager in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. AICA makes your sangeeth function a grand success with beautiful decoration, great music and lets you to enjoy the event with out being stressed about the event related arrangements. Checkout the beautiful decor images and contact our team to plan your Sangeeth ceremony and have fun while we make your imagination come true!


Best Sangeet Portrayals

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