Baby Shower is First ever celebration performed  for the mom-to-be and for the baby-to-be-born. In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana it’s called seemantham.which is a celebration performed for the pregnant lady on an auspicious day,mainly in  either the fifth, seventh or  ninth month.

Long ago , Seemantham was performed twice:once by the pregnant lady’s in-laws and which is a celebration performed for the pregnant lady on an auspicious day, mainly in either the fifth, seventh or ninth month. Long ago, Seemantham was performed twice: once by the pregnant lady’s in-laws and the other time by her parents. These days, it’s all combined into a single elaborate celebration performed by the parents and the gifts are brought over by the in-laws (during her first pregnancy only). The gifts include a saree with two blouse pieces, baskets full of between five and nine kinds of sweet and savory food items and fruits for the pregnant woman, towels or clothes for the man, and clothes for the in-laws. The savory items include sakinalu and madugulu; sweet items include arasalu, garjalu and laddulu. Fruits include apples, oranges, pomegranates, mosambi, and others, but no bananas. The elaborate lunch or dinner is served by the in-laws.

AICA Events helps you to plan and organize baby shower which helps you to enjoy and involve in the celebration ceremony without being worried about the ceremony arrangements. Let us know the requirements and we would be happy to help you with the baby shower event planning and event management providing you with the long lasting happy memories!Contact us to learn more about the baby shower ceremony or seemantham!

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